Top 10 fastest century in test Cricket

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In cricket Century holds a different kind of value for the players. Being able to score 100 or more runs by himself is surely a great feat no matter the opponent team or circumstances. In test it’s quite normal for the players to take their time doing these things. But still there are always those players that can’t wait to get more runs and those players play aggressively even in test cricket.

IVA Richards

Here is the list of those centuries that were faster than others. Hope you all enjoy this –

Fast by Balls –

Here is the list of top 10 century that took the least amount of balls and all these is test Cricket –

Balls Batsman Year Venue Match of
56 IVA Richards 1985/86 St. Johns WI vs ENG
56 Misbah – ul – Haq 2014/15 Abu Dhabi PAK vs AUS
57 Adam Gilchrist 2006/07 Perth AUS vs ENG
67 JM Gregory 1921/22 Johannesburg AUS vs SA
69 S Chanderpaul 2002/03 Georgetown WI vs AUS
69 David Warner 2011/12 Perth AUS vs IND
70 Chris Gayle 2009/10 Perth WI vs AUS
71 RC Fredericks 1975/76 Perth WI vs AUS
74 Majid Khan 1976/77 Karachi PAK vs NZ
74 Kapil Dev 1986/87 Kanpur IND vs SL


Fast by Time –

Here is the top 5 centuries that took the least amount of time –

Batsman Minutes Location Year Match of
JM Gregory 70 Johannesburg 1921-22 AUS v SA
GL Jessop 77 The Oval 1902 ENG v AUS
R Benaud 78 Kingstown 1954-55 AUS v WI
JH Sinclair 80 Cape Town 1902-03 SA v AUS
IVA Richards 81 St John’s 1985-86 WI v ENG



We have tried to make a short attempt to show you all about the fastest centuries available up-to now. There may have been things that we overlooked. So, if you have any question for us then please leave a comment and stay tuned with us for more cricket.

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