Top 10 fastest century in ODI cricket

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Top 10 fastest Centuries in ODI

Top 10 fastest century in ODI cricket

  1. Player: AB de Villiers

Country: South Africa

Ball’s played: 31

Venue: Johannesburg

Date of the Century: 18/01/2015

Match Between: South Africa v West Indies

South African skipper AB de Villiers is the quickest centurion in the ODI cricket history. At Johannesburg on 18 January, 2015 he had scored this century with just 31 balls vs. West Indies. In the way of this innings he had scored 16 sixes and 9 fours. Which is the most sixes joint record with Gail and R. Sharma.

  1. Player: CJ Anderson

Country: New Zealand

Venue: Queenstown

Date of the Century: 01/01/2014

Ball’s played: 36

Match Between: New Zealand v West Indies

New Zealand’s hard hitter all-rounder Cory Anderson was the previous quickest centurion with 36 balls in ODI cricket. Cory was scored this century against West Indies with 14 sixes and 6 fours and at the end he was unbeaten 131* runs. The match’s venue was Queens town.

  1. Player: Shahid Afridi

Country: Pakistan

Ball’s played: 37

Venue: Nairobi

Date of the Century: 04/10/1996

Match Between: Pakistan v Sri Lanka

The record was made up at 1996 by Shahid Afridi and hold up till 2014. He is the first Player who have scored century under 45 balls. Shahid made his record vs. Sri Lanka and the match’s venue were Nairobi. In this innings he has hits 11 sixes and 6 fours.

  1. Player: MV Boucher

Country: South Africa

Venue: Potchefstroom

Date of the Century: 20/09/2006

Ball’s played: 44

Match Between: South Africa v Zimbabwe

Another South African in the list, MV Boucher have scored his century by 44 balls. That’s placed him in the 4th on the list. On the way to score 4th fastest century so far he was hits 10 sixes and 8 fours against Zimbabwe at Potchefstroom on 2006.

  1. Player: BC Lara

Country: West Indies

Ball’s played: 44

Match Between: West Indies v Bangladesh

Venue: Dhaka

Date of the Century: 09/10/1999

Against Bangladesh on the way to scored 117 runs Lara was hit 4 sixes and 18 fours in Dhaka on 1999. His 45 balls century placed him 5th at the list and at the first time it was the 2nd quickest in ODI history.

  1. Player: Shahid Afridi

Country: Pakistan

Ball’s played: 45

Venue: Kanpur

Date of the Century: 15/04/2005.

Match Between: Pakistan v India

Another century for the Pakistani living legend ShahidAfridi his second quickest century on his career is the 6th quickest so far at cricket history. This 45 balls century was come over Pakistan at Kanpur on 15/04/2005.

  1. Player: JD Ryder

Country: New Zealand

Venue: Queenstown

Date of the Century: 01/01/2014

Ball’s played: 46

Match Between: New Zealand v West Indies

Another New Zealanders in the list with 46 balls century. In the previous year opener JD Ryder had scored hundred with 46 balls with 5 sixes and 12 fours against West Indies at Queenstown.

  1. Player: ST Jayasuriya

Country: Sri Lanka

Venue: Singapore

Date of the Century: 02/04/1996

Ball’s played: 48

Match Between: Sri Lanka v Pakistan

Before Afridi scored the quickest century of 37 balls, ST Jayasuriya’s 48 balls century was that’s period record. The century was scored at Singapore and the opposition was the defending World Cup champion Pakistan.

  1. Player: KJ O’Brien

Country: Ireland

Ball’s played: 50

Match Between: Ireland v England

Venue: Bangalore

Date of the Century: 02/03/2011

At the 9th of the list is KJ O’Brien’s 50 ball century. Which is the fastest century on the World Cup history and scored at 2011 world cup. This Irish took England for make this record at Bangalore

  1. Player: GJ Maxwell

Country: Australia

Ball’s played: 51

Venue: Sydney

Date of the Century: 08/03/2015.

Match Between: Australia vs. Sri Lanka

The last of the top 10 is GJ Maxwell. His 51 balls century was scored at the last world cup on Sydney and took Sri Lanka for the record. In the way to record he hit 4 sixes and 10 fours.

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