Thousands Century for Australia

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Charls Banarman was the first centurion in the history of the Cricket. He madden the century of the first test of the history at 1877 on Melbourne. Before his retired hart this Australian opener scored 165 runs. After juts of its 91 years on that Melbourne Cricket ground, 1000’s centuries of cricket history scored by Ian Chappell. Interestingly his scored were stopped on just 165 runs as well. Yesterday Australia got their 1000 centuries in their cricket history on that Melbourne as the first team in history.

Usman Khaja has been scored 100th century for Australia in all format of cricket. To get thousandth century Australia need to play 1725 matches. With 964 century, England ate staying just after them. Out of 1000 centuries of Australia’s 811 comes on test, 188 In ODI’s and 1 comes on T20. Though most century’s holder team in international cricket goes to Australia, but Individually most century in test, ODI and T20 in none for Australia.

Team                     Match                   Centuries

Australia               1725                     1000

England                1704                     964

India                      1443                     688

West Indies          1317                     629

Pakistan               1345                     543

South Africa        1026                     501

Sri Lanka              1077                     393

New Zealand        1183                     377

Zimbabwe           606                        107

Bangladesh         451                        77


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