The Story of IPL Cheerleader: Indian Men are Lecherous

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Monday, May 11th, 2015 | 0
(photo: topyaps)

(photo: topyaps)


While the thrilling on-field actions keep the fans around the world intrigued, there has always been another side of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Be it match fixing, altercation between players, or cheerleaders: the IPL has found it hard to stay away from controversy. And here comes the latest bummer!

IPL cheerleaders have always remained in hullabaloo, either self created or implied by the society. One of the cheerleaders (who decided not to reveal her identity) expressed her torment against Indian men, who keep bothering her with their salacious frame of mind.

She said that men sitting in crowd make obscene gestures towards her. They try to take pictures of her without her consent and make kissy faces. She, therefore, takes no pictures with the approaching men, and only does so if a woman or children draw near for a snapshot.

The cheerleader accused Indian men of objectifying women, especially the IPL dancers. She feels that IPL cheerleaders are considered as sexual objects, which is not the situation in her home country.

She further revealed that she chooses to ignore them and just concentrate on her job. The cheerleader in question has expressed her utter dismay towards chauvinists who keep ogling her all the time from the stands.

She has stated, with the concern that lots of racism is coming into her way and she hates it. She believes that racism is the saddest part of her job, which she has to deal with every time.

Something to ponder upon, isn’t it?

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