Test championship and one-day league were approved in cricket

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, October 13th, 2017 | 0

After so many speculation, Test championship and one day league were approved in cricket. In Friday at Auckland, ICC has decided the facts in meeting and later they announced their decision publicly. But the whole things are yet to disclose.

The point system of the tournament and the weekly features as well are not finalized. But it has been selected that the opening Test championship will be executed after the ICC World Cup 2019. Total nine Test playing nations will take part in the tournament. And the final of the tournament will be executed in April, 2021.

Test championship and one-day league were approved in cricket

However, the Test championship tournament format is almost disclosed primarily. According to ICC, all participating teams in the Test championship will have to play total six Test series where three will be hosted in home and other three will be the away series. Each Test series would consist of at least two matches and it will not more than five matches in a series highest.

And about one day league, it would start from 2020/21 and last till two whole years and end up just before the 2023 World Cup. One day league would be considered as the qualifying round of ICC World Cup by than as well.After 2023 World Cup, one day league will last till three years so far.

In first one day league, total thirteen teams will participate. With twelve Test playing teams, current ICC World cricket champion will also participate in the tournament. Each participating team will play total eight series  in the meantime where each series would consist of three matches at least.

However, The match of Test championship would remain same as five days Test but before the 2019 World Cup, ICC has approved the four days Test match as well. Basically, South Africa has made application about that fact and so, ICC has just granted it. In running year, South Africa is going to play four days Test matches against Zimbabwe in Boxing Day.

As recently pub;lished ICC Test ranking, team India is in top position with 125 rating. Their nearest opponent is South Africa but their rating difference is almost 14. england is in 3rd position and New Zealand is in 4th. Australia once dominated the Test ranking for long time but they are passing very bad time now. Their current Test ranking is 5th.

However, to start Test championship would bring new excitement to the World cricket. Because five days Test match seems boring where people are motivated to T20 competition much. So, Test champion would enlarge the future of long format competition.

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