Terror Ends Women’s Cricket in Afghanistan!

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Saturday, December 27th, 2014 | 0

Cricket for women in Afghanistan has become a history now. The country’s women’s cricket team found in the year 2010 is finally dissolved due to the threats from Taliban’s conservative nature of society towards women.

The section of country is ‘not open’ towards the idea of seeing their mothers, daughters or sisters competing internationally in the sport. It has been reported that the founder of the national women’s team, Diana Barakzai, resigned in April with huge disenchantment from societal beliefs.

According to NDTV Sports, Diana was quoted saying the following, “Afghanistan’s cricket board does not support cricket for women, even though I have 3,700 girl cricketers across Afghanistan. I hope their attitude will change.”

Apart from societal restrictions on women, the committee had been receiving threatening calls from Taliban militants, who believe ‘Women’s cricket is against Islam.’

Eventually, due to all these dreaded circumstances, the sport for women has come to an end in Afghanistan. The hopes of 3700 girls, who are aspiring to play cricket and represent their country, have vanished.

We pray for well-being of this troubled nation!

(Image: Rediff.com)


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