Shane Warne may be back in Cricket

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, November 30th, 2015 | 0

Shane Warne is living legend for the cricket world and one of the best bowlers that the world had ever seen. Also, he is the best spinner from Australia ever but it has been a long time since this man gave up on any sort of cricket. But, there is always a team that tries to take him on board in the hopes of magic happening in the field. In recent time, Warne has been quite withdrawn from the field as he is more commentator and expert now rather than player. After all he is 46 now and even the smallest games like T20 is a lot of pressure on him.

Shane Warne cricket

However, there is a big rumor floating around about him playing in the field. Its quite eminent now that he might be playing once again for Melbourne Stars in this season’s Big bash. Agents are heavily linked with him and now it is a state where we cant just keep it as rumor.

The possibility is that he will be playing at the vacant space of Clarke as the captain of the stars and things look like he is ready to make the most shocking comeback that most of us never would have believed.

However, according to some stars agent, they haven’t made any formal request nor they have got any request. He also said, Warne is always a good friend to star and if the upper committee decides then they would love to have him in the field once again.

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