Sakib Al Hasan set to stay in Kolkata Knight Riders for IPL 2016

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, January 1st, 2016 | 0

The world’s top T20 and ODI all eounder Shakib Al Hadan will be staying in Kolkata Knight Riders for the next IPL. Kolkata took Sakib in on 2011 and he is been playing for them since then.

The first season didn’t go well for Sakib but after that things changed. Shakib’s contract with Kolkata ended at 2014 and once again they fought agasin Delhi and got Sakib on their side. They paid a good amount of 28 million rupi to him for the stay and they got the result that very year as the Shakib scored 227 runs with an average over 32 runs per innings and got 11 wicket with the average of 6.68.

Some may say, Shakib was the single biggest reason behind Kolkata winning that year and they wont be wrong.


The year 2015 however didn’t go well for Kolkata. Sakib only played for 4 matches since he had to return to his country for some international matches. However, even if the performance by sakib wasn’t that good last year but Kolkata chose to keep him knowing the capability this man has and the stability he brings in the team. There has been rare occasion where Sakib didn’t shine with the bat or with the ball while there has been few occasions when he single handedly lefd the team to victory.

Last years two top picks, Yuvraj Singh and Angelo Mathews will be hunting for new team since their performance was way too bad. They were the most two paid cricketers in their categoty but perhaps no one thought that delhi would let them go this year.

overall, the IPL coming up auction will be very interesting.

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