Predicted Semifinalist of 2016 ICC T20 World Cup’s

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Predicted Semifinalist of 2016 ICC T20 World Cup

The 7th T20 world cup has been start from 6th March. After the Round one, now the round 2 is continuing. It is called as super 10. But only 2 teams from each group will play semifinal. And 3 team must eliminate. The group is given below:

Group One: West Indies, South Africa, England, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan.

Group Two: India, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

Prediction as per Statistics:

As per the statistics, from group one West Indies and South Africa is the hottest team in this group. And then England in the pipeline.

And at group two, India and New Zealand is in rank one and 2 as per statistics. And then Pakistan will be in Pipeline. Australia haven’t a good record at T20’s. And Bangladesh still improving themselves in this shorter format of Cricket.

Predication as Per Team Strength:

South Africa and England have such player to play a big innings in big matches. But West Indies have a team where each and every batsman is a match winner.

In group 2, it will goes to India and Australia. Both have a lot’s of match winner. India is a strong side with Dhoni, Rohit, Raina, Youvraj, Awshain. On the other hand Australia is playing this world cup with a lot’s of young player. Mad Max is one of them. Warner, Smith, Khwaja is also a big match performer.

Prediction as per Recent Form:

In group one, it will South Africa and New Zealand. Though in the last series South Africa lost the T20 series by 2-1, but they are in a good form. On the other hand England didn’t lost single T20 on last year. West Indies have also a good chance as per recent form.

Group 2 – New Zealand and India. India won 10 T20 matches on their last 11 appearances. So India is the favorite in this group. The other 2 team must be Bangladesh and New Zealand. Bangladesh played in the Recent Asia Cup finals after defeating Sri Lanka and Pakistan. They have also won 5 T20’s on their last 6 appearances.


Group One: South Africa, England/ West Indies

Group Two: India, New Zealand / Bangladesh


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