Top 10 Cricketers To Win Most Man of The Match Awards

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One of the many beautiful aspects of cricket is its unpredictability. Teams have went on to win matches from worst of situations and many teams which had the upper hand throughout the match, have lost the match in a matter of few overs, thanks to some exceptional performances from a single player from opposition. For acknowledging the game of such players who play a decisive role in the victory of their team there is a special award named “Man of The Match”, which is handed at the end of every match.

There are certain players who have shown great consistency and have played a big role in the triumph of their teams. We have compiled a list to regarding such players who have won most number of Man of the match awards in ODIs.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar most man of the match awards record odi


One cannot discuss any batting record without discussing Sachin Tendulkar. The player who ruled over world cricket for more than 20 years is at the top of this list as well. Sachin Tendulkar won 62 Man of the Match awards during his career. Though, Sachin has played more ODIs than any other player yet it is great feat to be the best player in more than fifty matches.

Sanath Jayasuria

Left handed Sri Lankan legendary opener, Sanath Jayasuria received the man of the match award for 48 times out of 445 times in which he represented his country and Asia XI. Sanath’s fans will never forget the match winning performances which he produced in vital matches especially in the 1996 World Cup which Sri Lanka went on to win.

JH Kallis

Kallis played his debut match in 1996 and since then he never looked back. In a career that stretched over 18 long years, this world class all-rounder claimed the Man of the Match award for 32 times. Kallis is arguably the best all rounder and has recently retired from One day international cricket.

Ricky Ponting

The man who leaded Australia to two World Cup victories, Ricky Ponting, has also won 32 Man of the match awards but he has played more ODIs than Jack Kallis that is why he is below than Kallis in our list. Ponting has played a number of match winning innings during his career but no one can forget the century which he scored against India in the 2003 World Cup final.

Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom Afridi has also 32 Man of the match awards in his bag, more than any other Pakistani player. Afridi has always been criticized for his recklessness but these numbers suggest that he is a match winner for Pakistan and can be an inspiration for young Pakistani players in the upcoming World Cup.

Besides Afridi is the only current player among the top 10 winners of Man of The Match award.

IVA Richards.

This name might be a bit unknown for the younger fans but for the diehard cricket fans, this name is an emblem of greatness. The former West Indian captain, who was the part of once feared West Indian team, is sixth at this list with 31 Man of the match awards in just 187 matches.

Sourav Ganguly

Ganguly won 31 Man of the Match awards in 311 ODIs. This statistic points to the greatness of Sir Richards as he received same number of MoM awards in much less number of matches. Nonetheless, Prince of Calcutta, Ganguly was truly a match winner and a successful captain.

Brian Lara

“Wizard”, is what used to be written on Lara’s bat and by every definition of this word he was a wizard. Most stylish left handed batsman who scored at his will, Lara, represented West Indies in 299 matches and bagged 30 Man of the Match awards. As much as Lara would have loved to but he couldn’t inspire his team to win world cup during his career.

Arvinda De Silva

The middle order Sri Lankan batsman was the backbone of his team back in his days. He was a part of the World Champion Sri Lankan team in 1996 and he like Lara won 30 MoM awards but he needed 9 matches more than Lara to achieve this feat.

Saeed Anwar

Perfect technique, inspiring attitude, enough courage to take on the best bowlers of his time. These are just few traits of this legend. Anwar held the record of scoring the highest individual score in an ODI for more than a decade. He scored 194 against India in Bangalore. Anwar, who had an amazing knack of scoring century in big matches, won 28 MoM awards during the course of his career. He played only 247 ODIs.

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