Pakistan Could Go for Legal Action Against BCCI!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, November 27th, 2016 | 0

Who does not know the age old and bitter rivalry Between India-Pakistan? Their rivalry sometimes grew into enmity due to the shaky political situation between the two countries. Due to political reason, India in reluctant to play against Pakistan. Not only the two-nation matches but also for ICC arranged matches, India requests not to keep them in the same group. The loss PCB face due to India’s not playing in two-nation series and ICC tournaments were to be demanded from BCCI was not a very old issue. Last Friday, PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan said it could go for legal actions and seek compensation from BCCI.

Pakistan Could Go for Legal Action Against BCCI!

This issue came to light after ICC ruled in fovour of Pakistan on the dispute of women’s series between India and Pakistan which was to take place in Dubai in October. ICC took a firm position and demanded that India show legal documents from foreign ministry of India that could prove any security issue concerning the matter. Indian women’ team also loose 6 points after the trial. ICC also wanted to know if the Indian Government has anything to do with the game no played.

BCCI always claimed that their government was not allowing the team to play against Pakistan in Dubai or anywhere abroad. On that Shaharyar Khan demanded that India should show legal documents, but India could not show such prove of any kind.

In the last quarter of last year, a series between the Indian and Pakistan women’s team was about to take place in Dubai. India did not complied to that. Later Pakistan arranged the venue in Sri Lanka but again India refused to go there too giving alibies about the security clearance not given by the foreign ministry.

Shaharyr Khan complained about the great loss of PCB. No team ever played in Pakistan after 2009 due to security issue. Pakistan was already going through hard times, Khan claimed. PCB is even facing more loss after the rejection of BCCI which is hindering Pakistan from proper investment in domestic cricket. He also claimed despite signing for six series between 2014 and 2015 and 2022, India is constantly denying playing against Pakistan.

This is why PCB is threatening BCCI for compensation through ICC legal procedure. Pakistan could even ask compensation for the previous matches that India rejected to play against them.

After 2007, no series took place between these two cricket giants. Only one oneday match was played in India in 2012. The team last met in Adeleide Oval, on 15 February 2015. The two teams first met in 1952 for a test series and in 1978 for ODI and lately for T20 in 2007. The rivalry is ever-going, but situation like mentioned above disrupt the cricketing spirit among the fans.

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