Pakistani Players and 3rd Bangladesh Premier League

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 | 0

A lot Pakistani players were given the opportunity to play in Bangladesh Premier League aka BPL but how many actually is playing and why most of them playing aren’t is a big question to ask.

Pakistan is a good team and they have a lot capable payers but thanks to some circumstances, they are literary out of other leagues. The biggest reason remains; they haven’t found any big performer in their upcoming talents. Someone like Afridi or Aamir or Tanvir or Ajmal is yet to be found. To be more accurate even these players are struggling.

Pakistan on bpl

Aamir just came out of his banning period and isn’t looking sharp but he showed the fact that he will be in form soon playing in BPL. Afridi is way too inconsistent and its quite obvious that his age has hit him hard. Tanvir is more of go and come as he isn’t sure himself what to do. He comes back does well and then gets into problem and he is out of cricket again. Ajmal is no longer the bowler he used to be. After he corrected himself according to ICC his form has disappeared. Thus not many teams is actually that interested in him. On top of that some Pakistani players didn’t even go to Bangladesh to play.

Thus the presence of Pakistani cricketers despite having a lot of player auctioned is close to none. They are playing here and there but that’s it and they haven’t been doing anything marvelous to earn any praise either. If this continue, then I doubt franchise’s will be interested to buy Pakistani Players next season at all.

The need to hold themselves up, and perform to gain back their lost pride. At this rate the age of Pakistani cricketers might soon come to an end.

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