Pakistani Leg spinner Yasir Shah might get banned by ICC

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, December 27th, 2015 | 0

there are many rules to be followed under the law of ICC to secure a 100% legal match. However, to increase stamina and lengthen their spin and capability even further, players have ben takig drugs and thus ICC made a law to ban those players and make sure that player get to newer height by their own merit and hard work.

Few days ago, the news of Kushal Perera found guilty is dope test gave the Sri Lankan side a big fall. Now, it seems that, Pakistan will be suffering the same fall. their world class spinner Ajmal was ruled out due to illegal hand action and is now more or less useless. During his absence, the man to lead the spinning side of Pakistan was Yasir shah.


however, it seems that he has done something worse than just hand movement. during the England test, ICC took some samples and they have found traces of illegal drugs in the sample. he has been already banned temporarily and is now back to his country. He led the team from the front with his bowling in Pakistan’s last few test wins and this will be a very big blow for the team.

he is a promising player and loosing him right before the upcoming Asia Cup and ICC T20 World Cup will make the Pakistan side suffer a lot. his punishment will be declared after a detailed discussion of the matter. however, its eminent that he will be banned for a long period of time.

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