Pakistan, West Indies & Zimbabwe tri series and upcoming Champions League

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Sunday, July 12th, 2015 | 0

Pakistan & Zimbabwe series turned into Pakistan, Zimbabwe and West Indies tri-nation series. Because of that a lot of possibility is knocking at the door.

Let’s go back a while to take a grasp of everything. The world cup did not go well for West Indies and Pakistan. Both of them did manage to get the quarter final but their performance was not that good. After the World cup ranking was published and Pakistan was at 7th position with West Indies at 8th. If things stayed like that then both team would have gone to the Champions league.

Zimbabwe, West Indies, Pakistan tri-series

But that did not happen. Pakistan came to Bangladesh with the hopes of increasing their ranking but instead they were hammered by Bangladesh and lost their position at the top 8. They had Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe tour scheduled and that gave them enough opportunity to reach the top 8. However, due to Bangladesh winning against India recently, West Indies who was in 8th position came down to 8th position and Bangladesh managed to make a sizable distance in rating. As Zimbabwe did not have any tour scheduled, Bangladesh was almost sure of going to Champions League. Pakistan and West Indies would fight for the 8th position and with no ODI for West Indies; they were most likely to lose their chance.

But the tri-series gives opportunity to both Pakistan and West Indies to qualify considering Bangladesh don’t beat South Africa as well. At the moment Pakistan is touring Sri Lanka. If the win all the matches there and later lose to West Indies then both teams may be able to move to the top 8.

Now that we have all the things at stake here taken care of let’s make some simple judgments to which team might win here.

Zimbabwe is the clear underdog here and the team with the least expectations. However, they will not be that easy to beat as it seems. They might not have done well in the world cup but they came close to winning a lot of times. Their performance was top notch even against Pakistan recently. So thinking they would be easy to beat would be poor thinking.

West Indies is simply out of form since before the World cup. They were defeated by South Africa and after that they did not recover. As a team they are better than Zimbabwe but their recent performance keeps them at the same level as the host team.

Pakistan is the best team here. Although they were beaten by Bangladesh recently but they defeated Zimbabwe and is performing well against Sri Lanka despite having a younger team and inexperienced players. They are the tournament favorite quite easily and they have the most amount of chance to win here.

Lets hope that the best playing team wins here in the end.

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