Pakistan and their bad reputation with drugs in cricket

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, December 28th, 2015 | 0

Cricket is a game of skill and experience. However, physical capability is a must in this game considering the very nature of this game. Its long and and needs a lot of running. Bowling takes a lot of strength and so does batting. Basically put, strength matters a lot in this game.

However, players have started illegal drugs and medicines to increase their body strength and that has caused a lot of problems. and ICC has taken a lot of pre caution against that. Still, they have found players taking illegal materials from time time. However, unlike any other sports, the list is not that long. Only about 20 names is in that list. Although recently the number see to be increasing a lot.


However, the biggest problem is that out of these players 6 of them is from Pakistan. The Pakistan cricket has fallen so much that playing in their own country is too risky as even cricketers get bombed. then they are known for match fixing throughout the world and many of their promising players was banned due to that.

Now the doping is also more eminent in Pakistani cricketers. in 2006, the first Pakistan player to be found guilty was ShoaibAkter and Mohammad Asif. The next to follow was Abdul Rehman who was found guilty in 2012. Kashif Siddiki was banned in 2014 and in the month of May in this month Raza Hasan was found guilty. To enrich the list now Yasir Shah is being added to that list. although his ban is not permanent and he will have the test once again but this is still a big blow for the team.

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