Otago got a big victory over Auckland

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Auckland and Otago both are two franchise teams in Plunket Shield tournament. Plunket Shield is basically a four days log cricket competition based in New Zealand. New Zealand Cricket used to arrange the competition every year. In the ongoing season 2017/18 total six participants have took part in the competition  and besides, it is the 89th episode of the tournament. The season started in last October, 2018 and still going on. Now, in the round nine of the tournament where in the second match Otago have faced Auckland. In the match, Otago got a big victory over Auckland. Basically they beat Auckland by an innings and 37 runs so far.

Otago got a big victory over Auckland

The 2nd match  in round nine was executed at University Oval in Dunedin. It was started in 25th March, 2018 and lasts till 28th March, 2018. Consisted of four days the match was executed. Earlier in 25th March, 2018 Auckland won the toss and decided to field first. So, Otago came to bat where they had no choice. They played complete 82 ovars and lost all wickets. In the meantime, they scored 305 runs where Jacob Duffy scored highest 46 runs. It seems that most of their players got runs at Dunedin. Lockie Ferguson took five wickets for Auckland. Rutherford and Wilson started the innings for Otago. But in 0 runs opener Rutherford was gone. Later, Wilson and Broom played a bit and added 79 runs jointly. Wilson scored 31 runs and Broom scored 42 runs so far. Last six players of the team scored minimum amount of runs and so, they scored finally 305 runs so far.

Later, Auckland came to bat for the first innings. They did not stand in front of Otago bowlers. In 44.5 overs they lost all wickets. They scored 134 runs in their first innings. Matt McEwan scored highest 39 runs for the team Auckland. Michael Rae took three wickets for Otago in the first innings. Excluding him, Rippon and Bacon also took three and two wickets so far.

So, they were plenty of runs behind than Otago and as a result they came to bat for the second innings. Most amazingly in the second innings they scored the same 134 runs and lost all wickets. Mark Chapman scored highest 41 runs for the team Auckland. Jacob Duffy took five wickets for the team Otago. So, Auckland could not take lead of the match and faced defeat by an innings and 37 runs against Otago.

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