Northern made draw against Central Districts

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Northern Districts and Central Districts are the two most strong teams in ongoing season of Plunket Shield 2017/18 and both of them won several titles of the tournament earlier. The tournament is one of the oldest competition in New Zealand which is a first class competition consists of four days match each. In the 89th season of the tournament which means this season, total six teams have competed. Nine round of the tournament have finished successfully where each round consists of three matches. In the first match of round ten, Northern made draw against Central Districts. Central Districts is the most talkative competitor in the tournament this season and going towards the title strongly.

Northern made draw against Central Districts

In the ongoing season which was started in the last year 2017 October and now at the ending moment, almost the title winner is decided.

The last match between Northern Districts and Central Districts which was also the last match for both teams in the season was began in 2nd April, 2018 and the host arena was McLean Park in Napier.

Both started the match as the favourite and in there Central Districts got the toss luck where they won it and decided to bowl first. So, Northern Districts came to bat where earlier the match, they won the last match against Wellington which was in round nine competition. Besides, Central Districts also won their last match against Canterbury.

However, Northern Districts came to open their innings but facing tremendous batting collapsed. They played only 43.4 overs and scored 134 runs. They lost all wickets where Scott scored highest 48 runs for the team unbeaten. Seth Rance took six wickets for Central Districts.

Later, Central Districts came to bat for their first innings but they also faced batting disaster. One bowler of Northern Scott took seven wickets for the team and destroyed Central batting line up. Seth Rance scored highest 33 runs for the team Central Districts.

But in the 2nd innings Northern Districts played very well. They total played 126.5 overs in the 2nd innings and scored 483 runs so far. Anton Devcich scored 106 runs highest for the team. Ajaz Patel took six wickets for Central Districts in the match. The score was so huge to manage victory and so, in front of Central Districts there was an obvious chance to draw the match.

By losing four wickets Central Districts scored 284 runs where Cleaver and captain Young remained not out with 87 and 75 runs respectively. besides, openers Worker and Hay scored 42 and 29 runs so far. Finally the match ended with draw.

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