New decisions and rules of BPL and its Future – 10 team may play very soon

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 | 0

BPL always has been the trademark league of Bangladesh. After two long years of being absent from the field, its returning and the future of this tournament looks very well.

There are few changed made before the new season is starting and all the decisions look somewhat good and somewhat bad for the tournament.

BPL T20 2015

The first rule to change is the fact that that, even City Corporations will be allowed to keep a team in BPL and no longer that Jurisdiction only belongs to Divisions.

The second, rule to change is the number of the team can now reach 10 and no longer isn’t limited to 6 or 7. According to BPL Governing Council, the number of divisions has already increased than last time and they will increase even further. Thus, its quite obvious that the number of teams will increase and so the number of teams may as well increase as well.

However, even if the number of City Corporation exceeds 10 or divisions exceed the limit, the number of teams will not increase. It’s the maximum number that will be allowed in BPL and if its needed then there might be qualification rounds.

These few changes are making the future of BPL look brighter and the money issue will not take a major turn anymore thanks to BPL not allowing anyone who hasn’t made a deposit of 55 million taka to become a sponsor or buy a team. However, the decision to allow Comilla when these rules were not even made public seemed like they doverning council was under pressure to make the change.

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