Nervous 49!

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, January 9th, 2016 | 0

Which is the happiest moment for at Batsman? Must be the moment of reaching 3 number landmark. But most fostered moment? Got out just before of century. None of the batsman didn’t want to hear to Nervous Nineties or Nervous Ninety-nine. But nervous forty-nine?

Though nervous ninety-nine is so much popular, forty-nine is not so much popular. Then, if Batsman on 99 or 49 or around the landmark he must feel nervous. So then so much time in cricket seen batsman got out on nervous ninety’s or 99 runs. Though nervous ninety is popular but as per statistics it can be say 49 is much effective for batsman for nervousness.


Thus far in international cricket batsman got out 113 times on 99 runs. And 49 runs? 508 times in international cricket! On that 201 times on ODI, 291 times in test and 16 in T20’s.

On last Durban test, 2 batsman were out on 49 runs. Nick Compton from England and AB de Villiers from South Africa got but just runs before of fifty. Two batsman got out on 49 runs on same test only happened 18 time out of 2200+ test match.

At the second test of the history, two batsman were got out on 49 runs. Second test of Melbourne at 1877 England’s batsman Andrew Greenwood and Allan Hill choose 49th run to out. Pakistan’s former wicket keeper batsman Umar Akamal got out on 49 runs in both innings of 2009-10 season’s Sydney test. And this is the only time to get same batsman out twice on same test on 49 runs.

But Sunil Gavaskar, Jack Hobs and Mahela Jayawardene had out 4 times on 49 runs is test. But with 5 times out in 49 runs Jacques Kallis in the top of this list in ODI.

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