Martin Crw Went Forever

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Martin Crw

He had a long fight with cancer. The effect of treatment were quite good. But the deadly disease never goes back to him. He can’t being “Not Out” of the second attempt battle with cancer, former New Zealand captain could not stay.

During Eighty and Nineties, he was considered as the best batsman in the world. He had established himself with his own unique batting identity. For New Zealand played 77 test and 143 ODI’s, but he has to give more to New Zealand’s cricket. But at the 53-year-old legend of the kiwi went the world.

Crowe  was attacked by Lymphoma. In 2012, doctor said he was recovered. At 2014 Lymphoma attacked his body again.  But at the second phase the disease was not curable.

He died in his own house in Auckland and all family members attend at the time of death.

5 thousand 444 runs at an average of 45.36 in his Test career. With A total of 17 centuries, 18 fifties. 299 runs against Sri Lanka in Wellington in 1991, the highest of his Test career.

4 thousands 704 runs in 143 ODIs. An average of 38.55. 4 centuries and 34 half-century of his ODI career while 1992 World Cup is the biggest event. 456 runs in nine matches, he was the best player at the World Cup. And he led the team as captain from front and played the semi-finals.

After suffered a knee injury in 1996, he retired from the international cricket.  Since he was involved in the writing and television commentary

New Zealand suffered a knee injury retired in 1996 to become one of the best batsmen in the history of cricket. Since he was involved in the writing and television commentary team. After his retirement he were holder of, most Test runs and most half century and century for a long time. His is still the most Test centurion for New Zealand.

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