James Faulkner criticized on social media after claiming he’s not gay

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 | 0

James Faulkner sent social media into frenzy after revealing he’s in a same-sex relationship with a guy named Robert Jubb while dining out with him on his 29th birthday.

“Birthday dinner with the boyfriend @robjubb and my mother roslyn_carol_faulkner #togetherfor5years,” he wrote.

In a U-turn, though, the Australian cricketer has claimed he’s not gay and that the duo was celebrating being housemates for five years.

“There seems to be a misunderstanding about my post from last night, I am not gay, however it has been fantastic to see the support from and for the LBGT community,” Faulker wrote on Instagram.

He added: “Let’s never forget love is love, however @robjubbsta is just a great friend. Last night marked five years of being house mates! Good on everyone for being so supportive.”

Social media users, however, were not happy Faulkner.

“Faulkner’s gay story is a ‘hoax’. What an arsehole! That he, and the cricketers who chimed in, thought coming out of the closet was something to be mocked proves once again that homosexuality isn’t truly accepted in Aus. Actual gay athletes will now be less likely to come out,” one tweet read.

Another one added: “You know, as an openly gay person, I feel let down by James Faulkner’s Instagram “joke”. It’s lovely we all embraced him and congratulated him, but let’s be honest – he knew that was going to go viral and did it anyway. “Boyfriend”, “five years strong” … fairly ordinary.”

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