IPL 8: Unattended Bag Creates Panic before Mumbai-Rajasthan Clash at Wankhede Stadium

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Saturday, May 2nd, 2015 | 0
(photo: ndtv sports)

(photo: ndtv sports)


There was a brief apprehension at the Wankhede stadium ahead of Mumbai Indians versus Rajasthan Royals clash at the Indian Premier League (IPL).

According to Mid-Day, an unattended bag was spotted outside the venue. Suspecting it to be malicious, the had to get the area vacated near Vinoo Mankad gate and Polly Umrigar gate.

Bomb squad carried out its operation on immediate basis, while the panic-stricken spectators were spotted at the entry points. The operation continued for 20 minutes only to find out a cap of popular coffee chain inside the black backpack.

PSI of the Anti-Terrorist Squad, Amol Chavan, told Mid-Day on incident: “We spotted a bag lying unattended for quite some time. The bomb squad was called immediately.

“Someone may have hidden the bag after he/she was not allowed to take it inside the stadium. Whatever it is, we have to stay alert all the time.”


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