ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule Time Table

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ICC WOrld Cup 2015 Schedule

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule:

14, Fabruary 2015 Group A – New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Christchurch, NZ
14, Fabruary 2015 Group A – Australia vs England Melbourne
15, Fabruary 2015
Group B – South Africa vs Zimbabwe Hamilton
15, Fabruary 2015 Group B – India vs Pakistan Adelaide
16, Fabruary 2015
Group B – Ireland vs West Indies Saxton Oval, Nelson
17, Fabruary 2015 Group A – New Zealand vs Scotland Dunedin
18, Fabruary 2015
Group A – Afghanistan v Bangladesh Canberra
19, Fabruary 2015 Group B – Zimbabwe vs UAE Saxton Oval, Nelson
20, Fabruary 2015
Group A – New Zealand vs England Wellington
21, Fabruary 2015 Group B – Pakistan vs West Indies Christchurch
21, Fabruary 2015
Group A – Australia vs Bangladesh Brisbane
22, Fabruary 2015 Group A – Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka Dunedin
22, Fabruary 2015
Group B – India vs South Africa Melbourne
23, Fabruary 2015 Group A – England vs Scotland Christchurch
24, Fabruary 2015
Group B – West Indies vs Zimbabwe Canberra
25, Fabruary 2015 Group B – Ireland vs UAE Brisbane
26, Fabruary 2015
Group A – Afghanistan vs Scotland Dunedin
26, Fabruary 2015 Group A – Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Melbourne
27, Fabruary 2015
Group B – South Africa vs West Indies Sydney
28, Fabruary 2015 Group A – New Zealand vs Australia Auckland
28, Fabruary 2015
Group B – India vs UAE Perth
01, March 2015 Group A – England vs Sri Lanka Wellington
01, March 2015
Group B – Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Brisbane
03, March 2015 Group B – Ireland vs South Africa Canberra
04, March 2015
Group B – Pakistan vs UAE Napier
04, March 2015 Group A – Australia vs Afghanistan Perth
05, March 2015
Group A – Bangladesh vs Scotland
Saxton Oval, Nelson
06, March 2015 Group B – India vs West Indies Perth
07, March 2015
Group B – Pakistan vs South Africa Auckland
07, March 2015 Group B – Ireland vs Zimbabwe Hobart
08, March 2015
Group A – New Zealand v Afghanistan Napier
08, March 2015 Group A – Australia vs Sri Lanka Sydney
09, March 2015
Group A – England vs Bangladesh Adelaide
10, March 2015 Group B – India vs Ireland Hamilton
11, March 2015
Group A – Sri Lanka vs Scotland Hobart
12, March 2015 Group B – South Africa vs UAE Wellington
13, March 2015
Group A – New Zealand vs Bangladesh Hamilton
13, March 2015 Group A – Afghanistan vs England Sydney
14, March 2015 Group B – India vs Zimbabwe Auckland
14, March 2015 Group A – Australia vs Scotland Hobart
15, March 2015 Group B – West Indies vs UAE Napier
15, March 2015 Group B – Ireland v Pakistan Adelaide Oval
18, March 2015 1st Quarter-Final Sydney
19, March 2015 2nd Quarter-Final Melbourne
20, March 2015  3rd Quarter-Final Adelaide
21, March 2015  4th Quarter-Final Wellington
24, March 2015 1st Semi-Final Auckland
26, March 2015 2nd Semi-Final Sydney
29, March 2015 THE WORLD CUP 2015 FINAL Melbourne


ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 FixturesICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Details

Hosting Country – Australia, New Zealand

Start Date – 14 February 2015

Finish Date – 29 March 2015

Teams – 14 (10 ICC Full Members + 4 Qualified)

ICC World Cup 2015 Venues and Stadiums:

Venues in Australia:
Adelaide – Brisbane – Nelson – Hobart – Melbourne – Perth – Sydney

Venues in New Zealand:
Hamilton – Wellington – Auckland – Canberra – Christchurch – Dunedin – Napier

Pakistan and India has been drawn in the same group yet again and we will see the first big game on 15 February 2015 when India takes on Pakistan while on the opening day Sri Lanka will be taking on New Zealand.

On 20th July ICC Announced the full schedule of ICC 2015 World Cup which will be taking place in Australia and New Zealand combined. Its a massive event and in the presentation ceremony and there are couple of very exciting match ups in the group stages, here is the highlights from the Fixuture announcement ceremony.

Download the Fixture of ICC World Cup 2015 PDF Version by Click here.

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  • Sakif saim

    I thing Group A is the best group and there will be a huge competition , Feel sad for Bangladesh 🙁

    • md.sumon ahammed

      no problem bangladesh always redy to any team
      bangladesh now difrence team

      • Md Sohag Mia

        ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule Time Table

  • Karan kumar barua

    i am a Bangladeshi supporter……….. a bit of worry……… 🙁


    i am an indian and i think that india will win

    • zain

      I am an pakistan and i think that pakistan will win

  • jkb khan

    i m from Afghanistan, Qualifier 2 team is Afghanistan and inshallah we will show, afghan are tigers

  • ifrahim




    • Maqsood Ahmed Gadani

      goog luck

  • wahid shah afridi

    inshallah pakistan win the world cup 2015 common pakistani heroes i proud of you

  • Walid Afghan

    Afghan team will be the hero n world Champion love Afghanistan

  • zahid ali

    15 feb an other cricket war day

  • Vinit Sharma

    I am Indian & my point of view, those team who play best & play with full efert defenatly the team will win the worldcup 2015

  • Vinit Kumar

    i hv ability to play with full efert.


    I am pakistani and pakistan team INSHA ALLAH win will

  • ranga

    sri lankans ara came to last 2 time wrld cup finals
    thiz time we are the champ

  • kashif mehmood

    pakistan ll be the champion of world cup2o15

    • MD . Imtiaz Jabbar

      all the best pakistan , haamara indians app ki baal jaroor keinche ga ..
      teri Maaa ki kirikiri … , behein ki chooot , TERI Maaa ki Loudey …,bulley ke baaal

      • vivek

        Indians$$$$$ the champs nd india vs newzealand final

  • MD . Imtiaz Jabbar

    i am a ” MUSLIM ” but an ” INDIAN ” , too proud of saying THAT AM an “INDIAN.
    pakistan and afganistan are the two dangerous & evil countries who always try to harm others.( all terrorist are been involed in this 2 countries ).
    INSHA ALLAH eey world cup , INDIA jaroor jeethega .

    BLOODY PAKISTAN and AFGANISTAN ( terror countries ) should never win
    allah huu akbar allah ,

    • md.mojassam

      Terrorists are in the pak and bang country not in team.I also support india

      • Rehmanrajpoot

        Pak is a muslim country,I also supoort pakistan,Inshalla we will the game 15 feb 2015 and world cup.

        • Anand

          It’s India boss. Pakistan had never luck against India in any WC. Yes We are Indian Jai Hind.

    • Azhar

      Hahaha …. we don’t talk to much we just do …..
      Proud to b Pakistani
      Pakistan Zindabad…!!! See you in the ground…. !!!

  • kick

    Im an indian an I love srilankan cricketers final
    Srilanka vs india
    Winner: the lankan lions
    And specially dhoni ur loosing ur luck day by day
    By world cup final 2015 u have no more luck
    Ur not great captain of india ur the lucky captain
    Of india. we will make u cry again like 1996 semis
    Keep the cloth ready to wipe ur tears.

    • Anand

      Hey We r the champs..We indian’s have dhoni’s luck.

    • Anand

      This time also India will beat Srilanka. So, lankan get ready to shed tears

      • Kasun

        India will out this tournament like 2007 world cup. they lose Bangladesh. oh poor Indian supporters get ready to watch India lose. sri Lankan are winners 2015 world cup.

  • lamakumar

    India are the defending champions in ODI,they will smash every team especially the country who lost against us in first t20 wc

  • Azeem Ahmad

    i Am Azeem Ahmad Pakistan Win The T20 world cup 2014

  • mahi

    we are pakistani fans and we will win this time world cup 2015 inshahallah afridi baly baly

  • india ka father

    india di ma da kosa india di pen no lun khote da india di ma no lun wada jea.dhoni teri ma di phodi.

  • 12345123

    Afghanitan is lione afghanistan wil be win inshallah ……………
    I love Afghanitan

  • md.sumon ahammed

    i am bangladeshi i dont say win bangladesh but i say need win south asian cuntry bangladesh/pakistan srilonka/afganisthan no problem but no india i dont support india i thing bangladeshi/pakistani/srilonkan/afganisthan any supportar not support india have a some suportar

    • chali

      You’re correct friend.we’re with you.I’m a sri lankan lion

    • vivek

      First of all support ur country then made comment about champs$$$ u people dnt know value of WORLD CUP $ in ASIA INDIA is the only country have ability to win the cup @@@ just watch

  • b

    india will win 2015 worldcup and 2014 worldcup also

  • kittu

    india is king of a crccket

    • chali

      you’re don’t know about English.Go and first should learn English.after that come and comment.Ok!

  • chali

    I’m a proud sri lankan.sri lanka is the best in cricket.We’ll win.We are the king of cricket.Not india.We are lions of cricket.yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Rehmanrajpoot

    I think pak vs Aus final World cup 2015.i,m supporter of pak.inshallah we will win the world cup.

  • rajiv

    i am pourd of indina coman india you are geart team of world . you win the world cup2015
    and but majatab aya ga jab india and pakistan ka match hoga 15 feb 2015.

  • manaan

    pakistan win insha allah

  • sd mannia

    Ye world cup to pakistan hi jetega inshallah aur 15 feb ko pakistan inshallah india ki maa ko lun de ga

    • pak ka baap

      Pakistan aaj tak nhi jeeta or world cup india se kabhi nhti jeet payega pakistan ke maka ch—t

  • timi


  • timi

    Inshalla Afgh will win!!!!

  • timi

    Jeg håper Afghanistan vinner og, pakistan taper det blir veldig gøy!! 😉

  • pak ka baap

    Pakistan har bar bolte he india se jeet jaege magar milta kya ghanta chusne ko islie baap baap hota he or beta beta

  • timi

    Pakistan skal tape inshallah

  • hamza malik

    chali tum pagal to nhe ho

  • timi

    pakistan taper inshallah!!!! 😉

  • tahir

    pakistan jety ga misbha cup ly k ay ga inshllah


    pak we lov u ,, indian shame on u gar ka kutto , pak ka bary ma kuch kahnay sa pahala apni team ki halit dakh lo cheeeterrs


    i think india is the best team of group B so india won the world cup in third time in history

  • arzo pakistan

    hahaha indians nd win??????? pakistan wll win ok jst pak

  • timi

    Ohh hold kjeft dere pakistan skal tape bare vent å se!!!!! Taper pakistan


      pak wll win nd indians r looooooooooooser

  • Syed Naushad Alam

    pakistan win in sha Allah

  • Shahbaz Hussain

    i want pak and india are in final and pak will win the w.cup.becoz our team is best in the world

    • Wahidullah

      Afghanistan is my Great country and i pray for my Afghanistan to win,,

  • abdullah

    Pakistan will win . AND what about AUSTRALIA , ENGLAND,SOUTH AFRICA,And Others!!!!

  • Maqsood Ahmed Gadani

    Good Luck Team PAKISTAN

  • shubham


  • shubham


    • m waseem jutt

      i m proud on me that i m pakistani and our is better then india. india is famous cheeter in the world (pakistan win icc world cup 2015 inshallah and ay Allah pakistani team win cup ameen)
      non sence india cheeter and dafer.

  • timi

    Shut up all of you Afghanistan and India will win inshallah ….. and Pakistan is a loser :p

  • timi

    Good luck Afghanistan and India!!

  • timi

    Fucking pakistan 🙁 I hate it

    • pakistan i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

      sooooooooooooooooooo shame we won,,,,,,,,, thanks to Allah

  • timi

    shut up you fuking pakistani and dalkhor

  • Hemant Rana

    here we goes on……..
    for the ICC cricket world cup 2015…….
    ALL THE BEST >>>>INDIA>>>>>

  • arzo

    pakistan will winnnnnnnnnnnn inshaAllah

  • m waseem jutt


  • m waseem jutt

    I pray to Allah for my pakistan win.

  • m waseem jutt

    india sher se paga na ly

  • m waseem jutt

    I Love you Pakistan

  • zafar

    Good luck pakistan team, win the mach

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