Hung Hom Jaguars won by 6 wickets

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HK T20 Blitz which is officially known as Hong Kong T20 Blitz. It is a domestic T20 league competition in Hong Kong where players from different countries in the World used to participate. It was a newborn competition which started their journey in 2016. Now, the 3rd season of the tournament is going on which started in the first week of February, 2018. In the inaugural match of the tournament, Hung Hom Jaguars won by 6 wickets against City Kaitak. City Kaitak was the runner up in the event in 2017 and now, they started the season with defeat.

Hung Hom Jaguars won by 6 wickets

In the inaugural season of the tournament, only four teams participated in the tournament but from the 2nd episode, it was extended to five and in the ongoing season of HK T20 Blitz, five franchise teams have participated.

As per the schedule of the tournament, the inaugural match was staged in 6th February, 2018 which was competed between City Kaitak and Hung Hom Jaguars. It was taken place in Mong Kok. It was the inaugural match where Hung Hom Jaguars won the toss and decided to bowl first. So, came to bat City Kaitak scored 132 runs in 20 overs. They lost six wickets so far. The score was not enough it seems. 132 runs in T20 competition used to be regarded as the poor score which could be chased easily. So, Hung Hom Jaguars made the chase easily. In 17.4 overs, they reached the destination. They made the final score with huge over boundaries. In the meantime, they lost four wickets. So, Hung Hom Jaguars won by six wickets with 14 balls remaining.

City Kaitak started their innings with Coetzer and Anshuman Rath. But both could not settle down. Coetzer scored 2 runs and Anshuman Rath scored 6 runs only. Later, Atkinson played with Bopara where Atkinson scored 19 runs and Bopara scored 11 runs so far.Later, Aizaz Khan scored highest 52 runs and Waqas Barkat scored 30 runs for the team. So, they ended up with 132 runs so far. Botha and Laughlin took two wickets for Hung Hom.

Hung Hom Jaguars started their chase with good opening partnership. Captain Shah and Nizakat Khan made a good start where Shah scored 22 runs and Nizakat scored 48 runs highest for the team. Most of their players got runs though they were not much but enough to beat City Kaitak. Botha remain unbeaten with 18 runs where Sammy scored 12 runs so far.

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