Her husband is no DK: Twitter goes crazy after Murali Vijay says he wants date with Ellyse Perry

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Friday, April 17th, 2020 | 0
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Murali Vijay found himself at the receiving end of trolls following a recent interview.

During a social media interaction, Vijay was asked to name two cricketers with whom he would love to go on a dinner date. And he didn’t shy away from giving an honest answer.

“Ellyse Perry. I want to have dinner with her. She is so beautiful,” he quickly said of the star Australian all-rounder, before naming a fellow opening batsman. “And Shikhar Dhawan, any day. He is a fun guy. Just that he will speak Hindi, and I will be conversing in Tamil.”

This, however, quickly became a subject of trolls, with users digging out the cricketers’ past.

For those unaware, Vijay married the ex-wife of Dinesh Karthik, following which the relationship between two friends turned sour. 

“Ellyse Perry’s husband shaking in his boots,” one person wrote. “Murali Vijay is a playboy,” another one wrote. A third comment read: “Someone should tell DK’s story to Perry’s husband before it’s too late.”

“Her husband is no DK. Hez a rugby player. Careful!!” another person warned.

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