Heard Time for Marlon Samuels

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, January 4th, 2016 | 0

On the 3rd test of the series against Australia against West Indies, West Indies were batting on their first innings’ Marlon Samuels comes on the pitch after 102 runs for 2. There were no pressure on him. He had a chance to play to beyond his bad form. Because in last 8 innings Samuels have only 61 runs and his best is 19 only on that time.


But he made it compacted with a strange run out. In the meantime he also make pressure to his team and make himself embarrassing. At the 42nd over of West Indies innings Samuels were batting as 4 runs. Pushing after Nathan Lyon’s 3rd ball of the over to backward point region Samuels make a run. But after same steps he stopped himself. And then again run! On the middle of the 22 yard he fall after losing balance. On the meantime non striker Craig Braffet reach on his end. But before Samuels get his balance Jose Hazelwood and Wicket Keeper Pitter Neville broke his stamp. And what a bad luck for Samuels, the rain come down after his out. If he wouldn’t out on that ball, he can back on dressing room as not out.

And in last 9 innings Samuels only scored 65 runs. This is his most bad time of his career. The nearest bad form of his career were on 2003 to 2005. On that time in 8 consecutive inning’s he has no fifties and allover he scored 79 runs.

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