Hafiz comes to rescue Aamir from humiliation

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 | 0

Mhammad Aamir hasn’t the best of careers. He was really a talented player and had a lot of capabilities but fell in to the darkness of match fixing. After suffering a 5 year ban from all sort of cricket, he was finally given the chance to play again and he took that chance with both of his hands and gave his best effort. The result was that he was called for the national team and till now even played 3 T20 international with the team and one ODI.
However, it was during the ODI match that things probably got the worst for him. Before he took the blame for the things he had done and took the punishment for it. After he joined the team, some of the players refused to join the team because he joined which was later resolved. However, what everyone must have feared just happened during the ODI match as the supporters on the stance humiliated this bowler.
After finishing his over, Aamir was going back to the edge of the field and noticed that someone from the gallery was showing a dollar as if they wanted to bribe him on the spot. This was the worst humiliation he could have hoped for and that is what happened. However, the person to save him was Mohammad Hafiz. Yes, Hafiz was one of the players that refused to play because of Amir and this time he came to save him. It was actually really nice of him considering he showed his discomfort with Aamir a lot of times now.
However, according to him, this was a humiliation not only towards Aamir but also towards the entire Pakistan team and that is why it was necessary to stand by a team mate. Everyone’s personal feelings might differ but no one should defy a national team like that.

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