Brendan McCcullum is saying goodbye to international Cricket

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Friday, December 25th, 2015 | 0

New Zealand captain and one of the most dashing batsman of the world Brendan McCcullum is saying goodbye to international Cricket and he isnt staying long enough to play even the T20 world Cup next year.

McCullum will be taking the retirement after the test series with Australia and he just cleared out that he isn’t staying for the world cup.

After some trouble with Tellor and his captaincy, McCullum was given the chance and he started with some poor results as well. However, it didnt take long to take his countries name higher as he started to get things together. After that, he has taken his team to the final of the world for the very first time. then they managed to get their record 13th unbeaten streak in test in their home field.


He is already considered to be not only one of the best players in New Zealand but also is considered to be one of the best captains of the team as well. however, he is taking retirement and will leave the country in the hands of Ken Williamson.

McCullum is one of the most dangerous T20 player in the world and everyone was hoping to see him till the world cup starts but he has announced his retirement much sooner. He also cleared why he choose to make a press earlier rather than on his last test. He said, his last test will be on after the T20 squad is announced. He didnt want others to worry about why his name is not in the list and that’s why he made an earlier announcement.

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