Barcelona’s MSN is better than Real Madrid’s BBC

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2016 | 0

Barcelona and Real Madrid are all time rivals and its been ages that these two giants are fighting it out to prove who is the better one of the two. While Barcelona took Messi, real took Ronaldo. Later the addition increased to Messi, Neymar and Suarez for Barcelona while Real got themselves Ronaldo, Bale, Banjama.
The attacking three of Barcelona are called MSN now and for Real the nickname they got was BBC. The fight between these two attacking combination is also something that makes La Liga the most entertaining show on earth.
In terms of results, its clear that last season and last year belonged to Barcelona’s three attackers. However, its almost halfway through the season and the comparison of these two is more eminent than ever.

Chili’s coach however thinks that it is Barcelona’s MSN that is better overall and he didn’t take the stats to help him decide that. Although the stats does say that MSN has 7 more goals compared to BBC of Real Madrid and is the better combination despite Messi being injured for over 2 months and Suarez missing out couple matches as well.
But according to the Copa Amrica champion coach, it’s the playing style and the relationship of the MSN that makes them the most dangerous combo in the world. He also tried to joke and said its so unfair that FIFA should take steps against that.
He said that Messi is the best player not only as a solo player but also as a team player. He makes the ball a lot and plays important part in almost every goal. While, he can alone bring win for the team, he is also helping Neymar and Suarez score more and more. That is making their chemistry on the field much better and their relation outside is also too friendly to help them out. Thus, they are dangerous because these 3 players play like one.
On the other hand, Real’s BBC is not like that. A move that starts with Ronaldo rarely sees its end with Bale or Benzama. Bale is the same and although they make balls for others, but that only happens if they don’t have any other chances. Benzama on the other hand is making great use of the missed chances and filling up in the gaps but he doesn’t make any balls for the team and these are big flaws.

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