Bangladesh deserves to be seen in the Semi: Hussey

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, June 12th, 2017 | 0

Chandika Hathurusingh was heading out of the team hotel. Seeing one, he stopped. The smile appeared in the face. Mike Hussey in front of him!

Hugging each other. I stood in front of the hotel for a while. Hussey played Sydney Thunder in the Big Bash in the 2013-14 season. Thunder coach then Hathurusingh. Since the time of the close relationship between this two.

There was a urgency of  Hussey, but although he give 2 minutes to talk with journalist. In this tournament came as an ICC ambassador. He said that he was praising the performance of Bangladesh so long in conversation with the coach.

Bangladesh have surprised many by arriving in the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy. But it is not surprising to Hussey. Before the start of the tournament, he said that he will not be surprised to see Bangladesh in the semi. From what faith did he say that?

The answer of Hussey’s understand, he keeps the news of the Bangladesh team quite well.

“Seeing the group saw the faith. The main players in the team have been playing together for a long time. This is the biggest asset of experience. Especially in this type of tournament, the experience is very useful. The team was progressing gradually, there was confidence too. And if there is such a coach (showing Hathurusingh), then there is no word! All in all, I said …. ”

Hussey has seen Bangladesh run chase against New Zealand. The condition that won the team, in the former Australian cricketer’s eyes, it were amazing.

“Both were fantastic batsmen. There is no better batting than under pressure. I was talking about the experience. Both of them have experienced the experience here. Two batting great batsmen. ”

The batting of both of them, however, has damaged Australia. Australia had to win after the victory of Bangladesh. But Australia lose against England. Hussey does not hide the frustration But there is no nuisance in the praise of Bangladesh.

“Of course Australia is disappointed to lose. However, Bangladesh has emerged as the best player to play in the semi-finals. Hopefully they will play very well in the semi-final. ”

Keeping that, he will also see the semi-finals with great interest.

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