Australia finished 3rd day scoring 479 runs at Sydney

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A new season of Ashes is going on where already four Tests have finished. Australia secured the Ashes series by winning three matches consecutively. 4th match was finished with draw. So, now fifth match is going on which started in 4th January, 2018. Now, team Australia is in bat and considering the last news, Australia finished 3rd day scoring 479 runs at Sydney.

Australia finished 3rd day scoring 479 runs at Sydney

The 5th match of Ashes started in 4th january where in the new year, England desperate to win the match where they lost last three matches and 4th one finished with draw. So, the 5th match is very important to the English team. Earlier, England won the toss and decided to bat first. They finished with first day very well where they crossed 200 runs in the first day but in the second day, the audiences were disappointed. Because, they lost all wickets so early and in the meantime, England scored 364 runs by playing total 112.3 overs in their first innings.

Australia started to bat for their first innings in the 2nd day. Their openers were Bancroft and Warner. In just 1 run, Bancroft was gone before opening his individual run account. Later, in the first wicket partnership between Warner and Khawaja, they added 85 runs when Warner was gone with 56 runs. Later, Smith and Khawaja started to bat and finished the rest of the 2nd day very carefully. Though, at the beginning of the 3rd day, Khawaja played well but skipper Smith did not able to play long but gone with 83 runs. Later, Khawaja made another partnership with Shaun Marsh. They played long enough where Khawaja scored 171 runs in his innings. He was out by Crane. Later, Shaun Marsh and Mitchell Marsh made a partnership and finished the 3rd day very well. Shaun Marsh scored 98 runs and Mitchell scored 63 runs and remained not out. So, at the end of the 3rd day, Australia scored 479 runs by losing four wickets.

They have still number of batsmen in hand and it seems that at the 4th day of the Sydney Test, Australia will declare the innings by addition some more runs. They are currently leading by 133 runs in the first innings. The Test would be drawn perhaps.

Earlier, team England scored 364 runs in their first innings where no one could make any century but skipper Root scored highest 83 runs and his nearest scorer in the team was Malan who scored 62 runs so far.

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