Ashwin Touches a ‘Double’ in Test Cricket

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, November 28th, 2016 | 0

He is the number one in test cricket for a few days already. Now he makes a record with his consistency of ball and bat. R Ashwin achieves 500 runs and 50 wickets in test cricket in one year!

Ashwin touched the milestone of 50 wicket earlier in the series. He has now reached the 500 run milestone in Mohali test in the second day of India-England test. He came in the crease when team India was not going on well. On second day he made an unbeaten 57 runs and got out at 72 on the third day. At the end of day to Ashwin had 530 runs with 48.18 average and 56 wickets.

Ashwin is the second player from India to touch the milestone of 500 runs and 50 wickets in one year. Before him Kapil Dev was the only cricketer from India to have touched that record.


He is also holding the second position among the spinning all rounder in the world to cross that record. Daniel Vittori is the first one having the record.

In the history of test cricket this ‘double’ is seen only 10 times. 7 all rounders from all over the world made this rare record. Interestingly Kapil Dev, Yan Botham, Shaun Pollack; all three of them made this record twice in their career.

First one ever to make this record is Yan Botham. This English legend, in 1978, scored 597 runs in 12 matches, took 66 wickets. In 1981 he made 629 runs in 13 test matches and bagged 62 wickets.

Kapil, in 1979, made 617 runs in 16 test matches, made 74 break through. This India great later in 1983 scored 579 runs playing 18 tests and took 75 wickets.

Shaun Pollack touched this record in quick succession in 1998 and in 2001. First time he had 593 runs and 69 wickets in 14 test matches. This former South African captain later had 573 runs, 55 wickets in 13 test matches.

Andrew Flitoff is ranked 1 to make highest runs and bag highest wickets in one calendar year. In 2005, the year he took home the Ashes trophy, Flintoff made 709 runs, took 68 wickets in 14 matches.

In 2008 Daniel Vittori as spinner reached this record. This New Zealand chieftain batted for 672 runs and took a total wickets numbering 54.

Before Ashwin, this record was in Mitchel Johnson’s store. Ausie fast Bowler made exact 500 runs, took 53 wickets playing 13 test matches in 2009.

In the running test series, there are two more matches to come for Ashwin. In ball and bat, Ashwin could keep him at the top of the list of this record. This chance doe not come twice a year.

Until now before tea break, India is at 381/7 with a lead of 98 runs in 1st innings with some great batting show by R. Jadeja.

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