Ashes 2019: Jonny Bairstow trolls Steve Smith with fake run-out attempt [VIDEO]

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Saturday, September 14th, 2019 | 0
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Steve Smith has been at his phenomenal best at the ongoing Ashes. His dominance with the bat is evident from the fact that he’s scored 751 runs in six innings already, with England’s Ben Stokes (374 runs in nine innings) being the No. 2 among leading run-scorers.

On Friday, however, Smith was hilariously put into trouble perhaps for the first time this series.

During the second day’s play of the fifth Test, Smith was toying around with English bowlers when wicket-keeper Jonny Bairstow found a way to steal the limelight.

After Smith’s partner Matthew Wade nailed a straight drive off Jofra Archer in the 30th over, the batsmen set off for a third run.

With Smith running in hard to avoid being run out at the striker’s end, Bairstow faked collecting the ball and dislodging the bails, prompting the batsman to put in a dive.

And guess what? The throw was collected by Archer at the non-striker’s end.


Not everyone was pleased with Bairstow’s attempt though as certain Twitter users mocked him for his rough patch with the bat.

“Bairstow tricking Smith into that dive is *easily* his biggest contribution of the series,” one person opined.

“That’s horse shit from Bairstow, what if Smith gets injured from diving back??? Fake tag in baseball is a no go, Smith has all right to be upset with Johnny Bairstow,” another one added.

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