2nd ODI between Aussie and Black Caps was abandoned due to rain

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, February 4th, 2017 | 0

Australia is currently visiting New Zealand where they are scheduled to play a ODI series consists of three matches. They already played their first match at Auckland where they faced an unexpected defeat against Black Caps. However, the series consists of three matches so, Aussie had the chances to win the series by winning rest two matches. But, unfortunately, their second match which was about to start in 2nd February, 2017 at Napier was abandoned due to bad weather. So, they have just one match left and they will try to  win this for keeping balance.  Their third which means the last match of the series will start in 5th February, 2017 at Hamilton.

2nd ODI between Aussie and Black Caps was abandoned due to rain

The match was about to kick off in 2:00 pm according to the local time. The umpires waited too long for the match due to bad weather. After couple of hours, they sky was about to clear and they decided to stage the match but wanted to reduce the overs. When they were ready, the rains started again. Umpires observed the ground while raining or not but in 7:00 pm in local time, the match was abandoned by them. In Napier, the two ODI matches were consecutively abandoned.

Now, in three ODIs series, New Zealand still ahead by 1 – 0. If they able to win the next match, the series will be theirs. However, they have not feared to lose the series. Aussie can highest draw the series by winning the match. So, Aussie will be under the pressure where Black Caps will play with clear mind.

Earlier in the series, Australia team destroyed Pakistan completely in Test and ODIs where New Zealand defeated the Tigers. So, they were in form no doubt but while travelling New Zealand, Australia was not led by their regular captain Steve Smith along with they missed their one key player David Warner. Excluding them, couple of more major players are spending vacation because Cricket Australia wants them to recover their performance. As a result, team Australia which is visiting New Zealand is regarded as a little bit weaker. But, losing their first ODI against New Zealand was a mistake. The match was completely under control of Aussie but in last moment, could not finish it well but lost by just five runs so far.

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