2016 ACC Asia Cup T20 Qualified Teams

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ACC Asia cup have been held each year after 2 year gape and last 2 times it was host by Bangladesh consecutively. That is not the first time consecutive hosting by Bangladesh, they have 1998 and 2000 Asia Cup host consecutively. But next year at February Dhaka is goes to host this biggest tournament at Asia for 3rd time and as first country to host hat-trike time host.

ACC Asia cup 2016

However 5 team will play at 2016 Asia Cup. Host Bangladesh is the Automatic choose, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will play directly as per the policy of ACC’s 4 all test team will play directly. And another team will choose with a round-robin qualification. 4 associate team of Asia, Oman, Hong Kong, Afghanistan and UAE will play for the 5th team.

Out of 12 tournament most 12 tournament has been played by Sri Lanka, host Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan played 11 tournament each. Current champion Sri Lanka have most 5 champion title as with India. But most 11 tournament final has been played by Sri Lanka. And second most 8 final played by India.

As with most tournament, Sri Lanka also played most 48 games and won most 34 games with most 70.83 winning percentage.

Pakistan has played 4 finals so far and they are 2 times champion. First time winner at 2000 and last time winner at 2014 after defeating Bangladesh, which was Bangladesh’s first final at Asia Cup.

Out of 4 associate team, Afghanistan Played one time, which was at the previous edition. UAE and Hong Kong each played for twice in this tournament, both have been played 2008 for last time.

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