Trevor Bryan Vs Derric Rossy (Boxing): Live stream, Broadcaster list, Head to head, Prediction, Preview, TV info

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Trevor Bryan vs. Derric Rossy – Preview

Trevor Bryan Vs Derric Rossy (Boxing)Trevor Bryan and Derric Rossy will be played their first fight in the heavyweight division on Friday 28th August, 2015. The match will be live broadcast by ESPN on the match day at 4 PM GMT, 10 PM ET from the match venue at The D Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Match Overview:

Match              :           Trevor Bryan vs. Derric Rossy (live stream online on telecasting TV channel to free watch)

Division            :           Heavyweight

Round              :           10

Time                 :           4 PM GMT, 10 PM ET.

Date                 :           Friday, 28th August 2015.

Fight Ring         :           The D Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Is the 25 years of age, is currently at 71th in the world boxing ranking and 27th at the USA ranking out of 325. This American have so far 15 bouts and 48 rounds. Won all 15 bouts and 11 of them was KO wins.

At the age of 22 Bryan made his debut and his first match was 226 lbs against Demarcus Young. In that matches he got a victory by 4-0-0. He had lost his first round at his 5th match against Hassan Lee at 224.5 lbs. Bryan’s last match was against Stacy Frazier at Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA held up this June in 260.5 lbs also won by 10-2 rounds.

Trevor Bryan Profile:

Age                             :           25

Records                      :           25 – 0 – 0

World Rank                 :           71

USA Rank                   :           27th out of 327

Division                        :           Heavyweight

KOS                            :           11 (73%).

Height                          :           6’4” (193 CM)

Stance                          :           Orthodox.

Vacant IBF North American heavyweight title holder DerricRossy will play his 40th bouts against Trevor Bryan at this August 28. He have previously 39 bouts and there won 30 and lost 9. 14 of his 30 victories was knock out victories.

DerricRossy’s first knock out victories comes on his very first debut matches at 2004 against Jose Luis Gomez at Orange County Fairgrounds, Middletown, New York, USA. Also first defeats comes on his 16th match by 7-12 rounds defeats against Eddie Chambers at the vacant USBA heavyweight title matches.

Derric Rossy Profile:

World Ranking :           40

USA Ranking               :           14 out of 327

Division                        :           Heavyweight

Records                       :           30 – 9– 14

KOS                            :           14 (36%)

Stance                          :           Orthodox.

Debut Match                :           30th October, 2004

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