Tony Harrison VS Willie Nelson – Match preview

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Tony Harrison VS Willie Nelson – preview

Tony Harrison VS Willie Nelson

Match Information –

Match of – Tony Harrison VS Willie Nelson

Type – Super Welter weight

Date – 11th July 2015

Venue – USF Sundome, Tampa

Place – Florida, USA

Head to Head –

Matches Played – 0

Tony Harrison –0

Willie Nelson – 0

Tie/ Abandon – 0

Personal Information –

Here is all the important information needed about both boxer –

Tony Harrison –

Country – USA

Height – 185 cm

Stance – orthodox

Nickname – none

Record –

  • Total fights – 21
  • Wins – 21
  • KO – 18
  • Losses – 0
  • Lost by KO – 0
  • Tie/ Draw – 0

Willie Nelson –

Country – USA

Height – 191 cm

Stance – 206 cm

Nickname – The great

Record –

  • Bouts – 26
  • Wins – 23
  • Losses – 2
  • KO – 13
  • Lost by KO – 0
  • Tie/ Draw – 1

Preview –

Nelson is the underdog in this match. This decision was quite easy actually. Nelson is not fighting at the top level for very long and most of his opponents till now have been mediocre. While he has got solid 6cm height advantage working for him, it’s also true that he can’t punch that hard. However he has got defense and he should be able to take some hit before going down. He may prove to be a better fighter in this match but he is still one step behind his opponent.

On the other hand we have got Harrison who is a good fighter overall. He is undefeated, playing for a while and has a very great punch. On top of these he is good at defending as well. Basically he is the obvious favorite to win this match. He might be a bit shorter than his opponent but he won’t be needing many punches to land as he has got good power to back himself up. So he will be hoping for a dominant win in this match and he deserves that. He will be the man to beat in this match.

Prediction –

We predict that Tony Harrison will win this match.

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