Tony Harrison Vs Pablo Munguia (Boxing): Time, Date, Live stream, Broadcaster, Preview, statistics, watch online

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Tony Harrison vs Pablo Munguia – Boxing – Preview

Tony Harrison Vs Pablo Munguia

Match Information –

Match of – Tony Harrison Vs Pablo Munguia (Boxing Live stream online on HD TV channel to free watch)

Type – Friday night Fights

Date – 17th April 2015

Time – TBD

Venue – Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville


Live Broadcaster –

ESPN 2 along with channels like Box Nation and NBC will be broadcasting this match live throughout their respective areas.

The match will also be on the internet and thus anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match from their home or so.

Records –

Here is the record by both players –

Tony Harrison –

Record – 20-0, 17KO

Total Matches – 20

Nickname – None

Pablo Munguia –

Record – 20-6, 11 KO

Total Matches – 26

Nickname – None


Preview –

Tony Harrison is the undeniable favorite for this match and he is in form. He is a tough fighter with a mean punch and he got the power to make the difference in a match. With no losses and almost all the matches ending in KO, is more like a monster than a fighter. In this match he will again look for another KO to add to his stats and he has good chance of accomplishing that.

On the other hand, his opponent is someone who doesn’t go down easily. Yes, we are talking about Munguia. His career does have some losses but he won’t be going down that easy and he knows how to stand up after taking hits and come back to the match. It’s been a while for him and he is here under the spotlight once again to show everyone that his career will go longer as he can still hold out against anyone. However, he will still be playing this match as the underdog.


Prediction –

We predict that, Tony Harrison will win this match.

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