The English Ali: Twitter goes crazy over Tyson Fury’s epic defensive rally against Tom Schwarz

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Sunday, June 16th, 2019 | 0

Tyson Fury’s fight against Tom Schwarz may have barely lasted two rounds, but those were perhaps enough to send chills down the spine of heavyweight division.

He punched as well as he ever has and moved liked Mohammad Ali did in his heydays before dropping the unbeaten Schwarz towards the end of Round 2.

It didn’t last for long after that as the referee deemed Schwarz unfit to continue.

Of the many slick moments Fury produced at the MGM Grand on Saturday night, the one about 95 seconds into the second round was probably one of the best defensive rallies of all time.

Fury moved to his left, moved to his right, literally dodging all the punches that Schwarz had on offer. No wonder, the 6’8” Brit was impressed with himself.

Twitter users were quick to heap praise on the former lineal heavyweight champion.

“Tyson Fury the English Ali,” one person wrote, while another one added: “Tyson Fury so disrespectful with this head movement, I love it!”

“Tyson Fury is straight out of The Matrix” and “Tyson Fury ducking punches like his brother Tommy ducking kisses from Maura in Love Island,” were a couple of other comments.


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