Ryan Kielczewski vs Danny Aquino (Boxing): Time, Date, Live stream, TV info, Preview, analysis, information

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Ryan Kielczewski vs Danny Aquino – Boxing – Preview

Ryan Kielczewski vs Danny Aquino

Match Information –

Match of – Ryan Kielczewski Vs Danny Aquino (Boxing Live stream online on TV channel HD to free watch)

Type – Friday Knight Fights

Date – 17th April 2015

Time – TBD

Venue – Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville


TV Channel List –

ESPN 2 will be the broadcasting channel for this match. Box nation and NBC might also show this match but that is not guaranteed.

Online viewers can watch this match from anywhere in the world if they have a valid internet connection as the match will be on air in the internet as well.


Records –

Here we have the records made by both players.

Ryan Kielczewski –

Record – 22-0, 6KO

Total Match – 22

Nickname – None

Alias – The Polish Prince

Danny Aquino –

Record – 16-2, 10 KO

Total Matches – 18

Nickname – None


Preview –

Saying the favorite for this particular match is very tough as neither of these players faced any real threats so far. For Aquino, who already has 2 losses in his 18 bouts and managed to get 10 KO, none of those KO came against anyone that tough. Some may say, his punch lacks power and speed to make any real difference. So, he will be playing this match as the underdog.

On the other hand, the polish prince hasn’t been really tested either. He only managed to get 6 KO although he played more matches than his opponent. This tells, he doesn’t possess much power either. However, he will still play this match as the favorite because he has more matches under his belt and he is yet to loose. But thus match will be mighty close and it’s hard to tell what may really happen in this match.


Prediction –

Our prediction for this match is, Ryan Kielczewski will win this match.

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