Roman Gonzalez Vs Edgar Sosa (Boxing): Statistics, Records, Bio, Preview & Prediction

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Roman Gonzalez Vs Edgar Sosa – preview

Roman Gonzalez Vs Edgar Sosa

Match Information –

Match of – Roman Gonzalez VS Edgar Sosa

Type – Flyweight Title Match

Last match – 16th may 2015

Time – 2:00 GMT


TV List –

The match will be live broadcasted live by HBO throughout the world. Other than that, the match will also be on the internet so anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match from there.

Personal Information –

The personal info and record of both players are given below –

Roman Gonzalez –

Height – 159 cm

Stance – Orthodox

Nickname – El Chocolatito

Record –

  • Played – 42
  • Wins – 42
  • Losses – 0
  • Draws – 0
  • KO – 36

Edgar Sosa –

Height – 161 cm

Reach – 170cm

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Played – 59
  • Wins – 51
  • KO – 30
  • Losses – 8
  • Draws – 0

Preview –

On super lightweight HBO Championship title, two beasts are going to take on each other. Some may wonder why I would use the word monster. Now let’s explain that.

Edgar Sosa, who is thought to be the underdog here, is a great fighter. His record is great and 30 KO in 51 wins while losing only 8 times and those opponents were very tough. He basically is a monster that has the ability to defeat anyone that comes against him and with his power even a KO is not impossible. He has got experience and he has got the world title before and its time he gets that again.

He said – “I’ve been a world champion before and I’m ready to win the title again on May 16thagainst Roman.”

He also said that the fans will enjoy this war and as a Mexican, he is ready to win here and become the next champion – “Many Mexican fighters have won world titles at The Forum and I plan on being the next.”

On the other hand we have the defending champion, the undefeated Roman Gonzalez. 36KO in 42 matches while not losing a single match can only be work of a monster. He is ready for his 8th back to back KO and he knows this time his opponent is strong.

He said – “I know Edgar very well, he’s a gentleman and a true warrior, and on May 16th we plan on stealing the show.”

He also added that his idol’s played in this arena and here he wants to successfully defend the title. He may be in for a very tough match but that doesn’t mean he can’t win. He actually has better chance of winning here than his opponent. He will be playing as the favorites.


Prediction –

We predict that Roman Gonzalez will win this match but Sosa will not just stand and take the loss either.

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