Reynaldo Ojeda Vs Monty Meza Clay (Boxing): Preview, Schedule, Broadcaster, analysis, news update

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 | 0

Reynaldo Ojeda Vs Monty Meza Clay Boxing – Preview

Reynaldo Ojeda Vs Monty Meza Clay (Boxing)

Match Information –

Match of – Reynaldo Ojeda Vs Monty Meza Clay

Date – 15th May 2015

Time – 9:00 ET

Venue – Hartford Center

Place – USA


Live Broadcaster –

ESPN2 will be broadcasting this match live throughout the world. It is not confirmed but NBC and Box Nation may be broadcasting this match as well. The match will also be on the internet and thus anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match from anywhere of the world.


Personal Information –

Here is some personal information and records of both players.

Reynaldo Ojeda –

Age – 26 Years

Record –

  • Win – 16
  • Loss – 0
  • Draw – 0
  • KO – 9

Monty Meza Clay –

Age – 34 years

Height – 157cm

Reach – 157cm

Record –

  • Win – 36
  • Loss – 4
  • Draw – 0
  • KP – 22


Preview –

Ojeda is good fighter. He is young and has power. His unbeaten streak is good enough to show everyone that how good he really is. He has good balance and the stamina to do better from now on. He will come to this fight hoping to get his 17th win and hopefully his 10th KO but it will not be easy no matter how anyone sees it. From my point of view he will be playing this match as the underdogs and even if the crowd is on his side in this match, he is not the one with the edge.

Meza Clay on the other hand is quite old. Some may say that the dawn of his career is coming and who knows how many fights he have left. But, this powerhouse is far more experienced than his opponent in this match and most of the times, experience plays a very important role in boxing match. He also has more wins and he is known for hitting hard, and thus he is the favorite to win this match.

Prediction –

We predict that, Monty Meza Clay would win this match. But the fight will be very intense.

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