Pro Boxing: Vijender Singh, Alexander Horvath in War of Words Ahead of Bout

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Saturday, March 12th, 2016 | 0


It’s a tradition in professional boxing to engross yourself in the war of words ahead of the tangible encounter to wear down your opponent mentally. The upcoming bout between India’s Vijender Singh and Hungary’s Alexander Horvath is no different for that matter.

Vijender, 30, has often let his punches do the talking, having knocked out all his three opponents so far. But some intimidating comments from Horvath – ten years younger to him, but slightly more experienced – seems to have ignited the pre-match talks.

“I don’t think Vijender is a strong opponent in front of me. He has a record of 3 wins (3-0) while my record is 5 (5-1-1) wins so I have an edge over him,” Horvath was quoted as saying by India Today. “I am confident I will knock him out in the first or second round to register my 6th win.”

This comes after the Hungarian revealed that he dines on snake blood to gain more influence over his punches. Vijender, however, insists that Horvath is terrified, and is hence making such remarks. “What else can a scared man do? It’s something I’m completely against,” he told TOI.

“I love animals and respect them a lot. He shouldn’t be doing this I will hit him so much that all the snake blood will come out,” he added.

The bout is scheduled to begin at 11:30 PM IST (6 PM GMT), and will be an undercard of the WBO World Lightweight title between Terry Flanagan and Derry Mathews.

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