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arturo gatti vs micky ward

Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward full fight video and recap of one of the greatest bouts ever….

Cast your minds back to 2002, when a 30-year old Arturo Gatti attempted to bounce back from a thrashing by Oscar De La Hoya. “Thunder” was booked in against journeyman puncher Micky Ward, in what was a pretty decent pairing on paper. Both guys liked to brawl, and they weren’t hard to find in the ring.

May 18th 2002 was the start of what would be a truly thrilling trilogy of bouts. The two have become synonymous with the warrior spirit in the world of pugilism, and their first encounter embodies the true attraction of the sport of boxing. From the opening bell to the end of round 10, it was clear to all those watching that this was a truly special fight.

Gatti started the fight well, moving on his toes and catching Ward with some great head shots. “Irish” was able to weather the early storm, and the fight was really on from there. Back-and-forth thrilling rounds were the tale of the middle of the fight. Ward rocked Gatti to the body, and “Thunder” responded in kind with rapid fire to the head and gut.

The bout was reminiscent of a scene from a movie, and even more so when the underdog Ward dropped Gatti in the ninth. The round itself was declared “Round of the century” by Emmanuel Steward, and many still quote it today.

Ward would go on to win the fight by majority decision, with the ninth round being the consensus decider. The bout paved way to two more classic scraps between the two warriors, but the first was the most action packed, and unexpected of them all.

Gatti’s tragic homicide in 2009 only added to his legend in the world of boxing, and the sport waved an early goodbye to one of it’s greatest heroes. Check out the Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward full fight video, and relive the most thrilling encounter of this century.

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