Murat Gassiev Vs Rodney Moore (Boxing): Live stream, Head to head, Statistics, records, Watch online, TV info, Prediction

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Saturday, June 13th, 2015 | 0

Murat Gassiev Vs Rodney Moore – preview

Murat Gassiev Vs Rodney Moore

Match Information –

Match of – Murat Gassiev Vs Rodney Moore

Type – Cruiser weight

Date – 13th June 2015

Time – TBA

Venue – Florentine Gardens, Hollywood

Place – California USA

Live Broadcasters –

This match will be shown on the internet. Anyone with a valid internet connection can watch this match from anywhere of the world thanks to that.

Personal Information –

Here is all the necessary info about both players –

Murat Gassiev –

Country – Russia

Height – 192 cm

Reach – 193 cm

Alias – Iron

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Fights – 21
  • Wins – 21
  • KO – 15
  • Lost – 0
  • Draw – 0

Rodney Moore –

Country – USA

Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Fights – 50
  • Wins – 38
  • KO – 20
  • Losses – 10
  • Lost by KO – 2
  • Draw – 2

Preview –

Moore is approaching the end of his career as the American fighter has already left his golden age behind and the sign of him aging is quite easy to see. His last 5 matches ended in losses for him and that was quite bad performance. At this level, he is no longer that much fit to play and that makes him the underdog in this match. However, his vast experience makes him a much tougher opponent and he will not be easy to beat.

On the other hand we have, the undefeated hard hitter Gassiev. There is basically no reason to tell that he is our favorite in this match. He is a good fighter and he is looking better and better. He is young and knows how to punch. That makes him a strong fighter. He will be hoping for another KO in this match and he will fight with everything he has to win this fight.

Prediction –

We predict that Murat Gassiev will win this match.

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