Mike Tyson Goes Off On Canadian TV Reporter After Rapist Comment

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2014 | 0

Former world heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson Goes Off On Canadian TV after being asked about his rape conviction

Mike Tyson made a name for himself during an illustrious 20-year career, as a very scary boxer. He was the youngest WBC, WBA and IBF heavyweight champion ever at 20 years old, and retired in 2005 holding a 50-6 record with 44 wins by way of knockout. It appears that some people have forgotten about how mean “The Dynamite Kid” can get, as the foolish reporter above realized so quickly…..

In my opinion, the question was a ridiculous one to ask. Clearly Tyson was on the show to promote his show, having been in the area meeting the mayor. Why the reporter thought that a question about his rape conviction would go down well is anyone’s guess. Or perhaps he was told to try and rile the former heavyweight champion to get a reaction. Whatever the case, the reporter came out with egg on his face.

After some seemingly harmless questions, the unsuspecting journo decides to pry in to Tyson’s criminal past, only to be met with a barrage of insults including “F*ck you” and “you are a piece of sh*t”. I can’t say that the terrible case of foot-in-mouth didn’t deserve such a response. I think the offender in this case should consider himself lucky, as the Tyson of 15 years ago would’ve ripped his head off no doubt.

Any thoughts on this bizarre scenario, or is it just another day in the hectic life of former heavyweight kingpin Mike Tyson?


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