Mickey Rourke Boxing Match Was A Fix Confirmed By Agent

by Rory Kernaghan | Posted on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 | 0

mickey rourke boxing match fix

See the full Mickey Rourke boxing match online here…..

As if it wasn’t already obvious enough, news has spread globally that the Mickey Rourke boxing match was a fix. In case you haven’t seen it, Mickey Rourke’s recent comeback to the world of professional boxing was quite the farce. It couldn’t have looked or felt any more fixed, so I’m not quite sure why it’s being so sensationalized.

Rourke’s promoter, Andrei Ryabinsky, says that it was obviously just a PR stunt. Check out what he told The Daily Mail:

‘Maybe earlier somebody thought this would be a match for the ratings? Of course, it was a show, this is obvious. What’s the problem?  

I expected to see Rourke and a show which people would like,’ he said. ‘But the main story was about Rourke. It is good for us, the more noise around this event the better.

He added: ‘It is a sort of PR for us, and you know, there is no bad PR except an obituary. So Mickey Rourke worked 100 per cent. People gathered to watch Mickey Rourke and his boxing match,’ he said. ‘And now they are saying it was a show, we unmasked you.’

‘It was not ‘fixed’ at all, it was a fair match. An opponent for Rourke was chosen according to his condition, age and skills, so he could compete and had a chance to win. But it was not ‘fixed’.’

But he admitted that Rourke and his aides chose Seymour, who they knew from his sports club in America.

‘Mickey Rourke is my friend, he asked me if we could put his match as a part of our programme that night,’ said Ryabinsky who did not reveal how much money the fighters were paid for the bout. 

He added that Rourke and his Russian agent Vadim Kornilov, ‘chose the opponent together.’

‘Visit the website Boxrec.com where boxer profiles can be found, and Mickey Rourke’s rival is presented there,’ he continued. ‘He is a professional boxer. Yes, he is not a good boxer, but this is a secondary question.’ 

Whether his opponent was credible or not, the bout was always tabbed as an “exhibition fight”, and who could of expected any different as a 62-year old Mickey Rourke boxed a 29-year old 1-9 Elliot Seymour. In reality, Seymour was actually a tasty boxer as a young man, winning the Golden Gloves amateur competition at age 23.

He has fallen on hard times recently, so perhaps he just wanted a payday and Rourke just wanted some PR…..

Click here to see the atrocious mismatch that headlined the card in Moscow, Russia.

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