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Showtime and CBS Sports will be airing 4 classic episodes of award winning PPV build-up show “All Access” for Mayweathe-Maidana bout starting from 19 April. More details are below.

Mayweather vs maidana live stream

Mayweather will be fighting Marcos Maidan on 3rd may and there is just 3 weeks to go in the fight, so Showtime started their full fledge build up to the fight with award winning series “All Access Premier” of Mayweather-Maidan fight. The first episode will be going on air 19th April 2014 which features a sit-in interview with Floyd Mayweather, his training regime and of similar stuff of Marcos maidana.

All Access Episodes Coverage, Date and Times:

The first episode will be on 19th April, while 2nd and 3rd episodes will be on 26th and 30 april respectively while last episode will go on air jsut before the official fight weigh-in on 2 May. Below are the details of how the coverage of the programme will start.

All Access Episode One

Episodes 1 Premiers 19 April 21:00 ET Showtime
Episodes 2 26 April 21:00 ET
Episodes 3 30 April 22:00 ET
Episodes 4 02 May 18:30 ET ShowTime (Live)
Official Weigh-In 02 May Immediatly after ep-4 ShowTime (Live)


What to expect in Mayweather-Maidana All Access Shows ?

Episode 1 Content:

A 30 minute show featuring Mayweather spendings after-match of making $80 million after Alvarez fight. Floyd will be shown buying Ferrari and Bentley cars, his tips to South Asia and South Africa and alot of more stuff about how the highest paid athlete in the world spend his money.

All the episodes will be available on Showtime via demand and anytime while showtime official website will have videos of the show, which might also be posted on youtube couple of days after it has been aired on TV.


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