Marquez vs Alvarado Video Replay (Highlights)

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Watch Full Fight Replay Video Highlights of Juan Manuel Marquez vs Mike Avalrado:

We will be placing round by round video of this fight right here immediatly after the fight is over, but the full fight replay video should be up on this page couple of hours after the fight.

Post Fight:

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Mike Alvarado Live Streaming

juan Manuel Marquez vs Alvarado replay videoAmerican boxer Mike Alvarado is confident that he can put a full stop of mexican legend Juan Manuel Marquez career, and as the things stand if Alvarado can get a win over Marquez we can safely assume that will be the end of one illustrious boxing career.

The fight is scheduled to take place on saturday night, 17th May 2014 in California city Inglewood and there is alot more riding on the outcome than just a notable win for either boxer.

Bob Arum the top rank promoted as indicated after Pacquiao-Bradley fight that Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent might very well be the winner of Marquez-Alvarado fight and that makes alot of sence.

Mike Alvarado vs Marquez HighlightsBoth the fighters will be hoping to get their careers back on track after both of them suffered loss in their previous fights. This is probably the biggest fight of Alvarado’s career and a win will put him front in que to fight Pacquiao, which will not only bring more money but recognition as well.

Juan Manuel Marquez on the other hand is struggling to keep his place at the pinacle of boxing since his knockout win over Manny Pacquiao.

He is coming into this fight on the back of a dedeat against Timothy Bradley in what was a very one sided affair. Pacquiao has hinted that he would like to have this 5th fight against Marquez if he can beat Alvarado

A Few Points To Lookforward To in This Fight:

Early Dominance by Mike Alvarado: At the age of 33 this is “THE” fight for Alvarado to get somthing out of his declining career, he is coming into this fight on the back of a couple of hard fights and although he is fun to watch he is not in the same league as marquez. having said that I totaly expect Alvarado to come out stronger and put the early pressure and his only chance of success is getting Marquez early, longer the fight goes harder it will become for Alvarado.

Skill vs Experience: Most definately Alvarado is more skilled than Marquez, who rely heavily on his precised counter punching ability and his vast experience of being in the fights against top level opponent. Alvarado certainly lacks the big fight experience.

Mike Alvarado’s aggressiveness might count against himself: Marquez likes to take his time and adjust to the fight according to opponent and in Alvarado he has a fighter who likes to come forward and attack. Alvarado tend to open himself for hooks and uppercuts from all angles when he is on the attack and that is where Marquez can start to pick him apart in the later rounds.

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