Marcus Browne Vs Cornelius White (Boxing): Live stream, Replay, Records, Head to head, Prediction, Statistics, Watch online

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Marcus Browne Vs Cornelius White – Preview

Marcus Browne Vs Cornelius White

Match Information –

Match of – Marcus Browne Vs Cornelius White (Boxing live stream online on broadcasting TV channel to free watch)

Type – Light Heavyweight

Date – 29th May 2016

Round – 10 Rounds

Venue– Brooklyn

TV Channels –

CBS Sports Network and many other channels will be showing this match live throughout the world. The match will also be available on the internet. People with valid internet connection can enjoy this match from the internet quite easily.

Personality Information and record –

Here is some useful information about both boxers –

Marcus Browne –

  • Height – 187 cm
  • Reach – 192 cm
  • Nickname – Sir
  • Nationality – USA
  • Stance – Southpaw

Record –

  • Total Fight – 14
  • Wins – 14
  • KO – 11
  • Losses – 0
  • Draw – 0

Cornelius White –

  • Height – 188 cm
  • Reach – 193 cm
  • Nickname – Da Beast
  • Nationality – USA
  • Stance – Orthodox

Record –

  • Total Fight – 24
  • Wins – 21
  • KO – 16
  • Losses – 3
  • Lost by KO – 3
  • Draw – 0

Preview –

The undefeated Marcus Browne might be in for a win in his next fight. His opponent is quite an interesting fighter. Its only been a few years that Browne started to fight but he is doing good. He can knock opponents out and he proved his point. He is still young and inexperienced and that is why he will be playing this match as the underdog. But if the chance arises then he will not be holding back against anyone.

White is much more experienced fighter. While he is known for his hard punch but he can’t take much hit himself. All the 3 losses he suffered so far was by KO and that just proves that he is not very good at defending. But, 16 KO by his name shows that he can really hit hard and he will be playing this match as the favorite. He should be on guard against his opponent and avoid getting heavy hits no matter what. Otherwise he may not have an easy time as he is thinking.

Prediction –

We predict that Cornelius White will win this match but it will be an exciting bout.

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